The Glorious Yak

An animal who lives in the Himalayan mountains and throughout the Mongolian Gobi desert. According to some researcher, it originated from the buffalo while others claim it is actually part of the ax family. 

What is certain is that this animal thrives on high latitudes, cold weather and is remarkably strong.

During spring the yak (liked most animals) shreds its hairs, which is then gathered by nomadic herders often the same ones who care for the goats and camels. The softest and finest strands of hairs come from the yaks' undercoat on its stomach. The nomads are especially skilled in singling out these strands of hairs from the yaks' other wools which means heat strand of hairs used in our collection has been hand-picked and holds an A grade level. The selected fibers are thereafter spun into the beautiful yarns used in our collection. In our yak collection, the hairs always stay their natural color without the use of pesticides or dye I.e its an all organic and cruelty-free process, resulting in the most incredible, soft and rare yarns.

Yak contrary to cashmere is very durable. It is not as delicate of fiber and much thicker than cashmere. Still, it breaths beautiful and is incredibly warm. This is why we choose to make gloves and underclothing for extreme outdoor sports and weathers in this fiber.

It is truly a fiber for the explorers inside of us.