An Italian tale

The manufacture of silk originated in China many centuries ago. In its earliest days, silk was regarded as an absolute luxury, fit only for emperors, empresses and the highest of the nobility; but with the development of the industry, it became increasingly accessible to wealthy merchants who started trading it within the country. Later it was brought to other countries along the famous Silk Road. 

The silk industry began a rapid development in Europe at the beginning of the 12th century with silkworms smuggled out of China. Italy soon became one of the most important centers for manufacturing silk. In the year 1510, Pietro Boldoni of Bellano was the first to establish the silk industry in Como, Italy and following his initial efforts, the industry in the region boomed, quickly surpassing most of Europe’s leading manufacturing centers.

It became clear that the region of Como in the north of Italy provided the ideal environment to produce silk, due to its abundance of mulberry trees (silkworms favorite dish) and crystal clear waters. 

It's here right by the border to Switzerland, between the deep lakes, high rising alps and green lush hills where our silk is made just 1 hour away from home. Beautiful, rich in nature and with the utmost attention to detail. Silk the precious, delicate fiber with its beautiful heritage of the Far East and Italian mastering we are proud to have it as a member of our fine fiber collection and has maintained a notable part of our summer collection since our launch in 2013