Since the beginning of our story, nature in its pureness, beauty and sometimes unforgiven environment has been our inspiration. We dedicate our work to its essence in all its forms, changes and wildness. As thus, we go beyond to find the purest, most natural and sustainable fibers for each piece and collection. Our spirit is nomadic, spanning from city to country, from oceans to Himalayan hilltops to the wast land of the gobi desert. We adapt, research and develop pieces reflecting the harmoniously journey we travel with nature.


Going Beyond

In the pursuit of finding the most extraordinary fibers, we’ve come to across some truly astonishing places and meet some incredible people. Wherever we go, we gather their knowledge and learn about nature and delicate ecosystems. We have first handed seen the impact of careless minds and over-consumption. Thus, it is of utmost importance that our collections not only has a global appeal but are made with the prosperity of the world and its well being in mind. Our goal is, therefore, to involve and support local communities who harbours past down artisan know-how of producing and rarefying the fibers in a perfect and sustainable manner. Our pieces are timeless, are quality rare and our dedication manufacturing collections in an organic and ethical manner transpires everything we do. With the knowledge of the people who lives and care for the lands where our fibers grow with the expertise of Italian premium design, we go on to create exclusive pieces not only rare in its story and material but also in its design and creation.