Our story begins in Milan, where the vibrant city and the desire to create with untreated natural fiber lay the foundation for the brand.

From a place where the textile tradition and fashion surges through the entire county and with a long tradition of knitwear and silk creation, it was no coincidence our collections grew to embody the refinement of Italian fabrics when it’s at its best.

For summers we used the most spectacular silks from the Como region where trees grow on high mountains and the lakes are deep. Providing the best mulberry trees for silk while the architecture , arts and culture of Italy lies as the source of inspiration for the shapes, prints and colours of the brand.

While designing Italian silk collections for summers and cosy Italian cashmere sweaters for winter we soon realised the incredible opportunity we had in working with the best textiles manufactures in the world next door. However, for cashmere there was a different story and although the mills where in Italy, the best fiber always came from places far away where we had no insight into production, working conditions and animal welfare. It promote action and launched a search for the origin of the finest quality cashmere and they way it was made. 

Soon it would be concluded that all the research pointed to one place, one country and one desert. Thousands of miles from home it lead us to wander the wilderness of Mongolia where goats, yaks and camels shared uninhabited lands with nomadic people, snow leopards and wild horses. A hauntingly beautiful untouched land where the harshest of climates creates the purest of cashmere, perfected for thousands of years by the Cipra Hiracus goat. The special breed of goats that for centuries have been living in the wild, cared for by nomadic people whom spend their lives walking the same lands side by side with their animals. 

With the nomadic skills of generational passed down know how, and our philosophy of paying homage to true traditional artisan it only made sense that our cashmere should be created by the people who spend their lives truly knowing the fibre; how to comb, gathered, and spin every hand-selected fibre into the softest & strongest yarn possible.

As thus, the decision was made to incorporate the local Mongolian community and create our collections where they came from. That is how our true Mongolian cashmere collection came to be, eventually incorporating fiber from the glorious yak and Bactrian camel. Both living free with their Nomadic herders. As thus, while our silk remain Italian our knitted collections has developed in to a beautiful combination between Italian design and centuries old pass down Mongol handicraft traditions.

We are proud of every fiber and textile used in our collections and even more so of keeping the passed down know how alive by incorporating the local artisan traditions of both countries.

Ida Mongolia