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In today's fast phasing world we are constantly bombarded with information and conflicting reports. We know that it is incredibly time-consuming and difficult for consumers to actually know what kind of practices their money is supporting. We believe consumers will always choose the sustainable alternative, given the price and quality reflects the same as the non-sustainable alternative. Thus, our goal is to be completely transparent and create great sustainable collections with easy access and compatible prices. In our minds, this is how we begin the change. Making eco-friendly the norm, trusting people will choose a sustainable alternative as long as it doesn’t become an extra disturbance in their everyday life.

Ascott Berg Cashmere


If we could stop overconsumption the vast problems with climate change would be solved. In EVERY industry, we are taking more from the earth resources than it can produce. This is the greatest problem facing our generation and there are no real solutions to this problem as all economies are built on growth.

The fact that places like India and Bangladesh have thriving textile industries, has improved the standard of living in poor communities significantly. Regardless of how bad the working conditions might be. If the jobs were to be taken away the living conditions for the most vulnerable people would drastically deteriorate. Sadly, the effects on the environment because of the textile/apparel industry are catastrophic. For our small part, we have developed our entire philosophy around finding solutions to this problem without hurting the environment or the people who rely on manufacturing jobs for survival. The solutions are not perfect but if all brands were to follow these simple steps and all consumers choose sustainably we would solve the most urgent crises in no time and stop an insane downward spiral.




Quality is, of course, one of the main factors in how long something will last. Some materials are by nature stronger than others. Wool is generally a very strong fiber that lives through the test of time. When we choose a material for a collection long-lasting fibers are definitely something we take into consideration. For instance, cashmere is delicate and not super strong. Thus, we suggest you use it with care. For our part, we make sure this amazing fiber will be as durable as possible. Therefore we use very thin but really long strands of hairs when making the yarn. This means each hair (fiber) can be twirl (or spun) many, many times around each other in order to make the yarn as strong as possible without compromising on softness. We also look for different knits which are more long-lasting. For instance, if a sweater is designed for the evening/parties, it might have crystals on it and not be something you wear every day. We might even use a featherlight option which is more delicate but better suitable for its purpose. However, if we design something more casual or sporty such as a pair of tights we will then make sure it has a sturdier knit and put extra support into the exposed areas so you can keep your garment for a long time without constantly having to buy new.

We also put a lot of effort into design and fit because we believe that if you love a garment you will keep it for a long time and wear it often. Our goal is that you will love to wear our garments for years and years to come and because of it always stick to the sustainable option.

As of later, we have introduced other fibers than cashmere which comes from the same herders. As thus, without taking anyone's pay-check away we have just incorporated other options which should last even longer than our cashmere. In the fibers section, you can read more about these fibers and will also see which garments are suitable for what.

Even thou much care, sometimes natural fiber just tears or are eaten by moths. We can’t do magic and turn the fiber into something it is not. Then it would not be natural anymore. Either way, we will always give you extra yarn in the same colour and instructions on how to repair your garment. With the same yarn and right-hand stitching, the tear will hardly be noticeable and you can keep wearing it again and again. If you would run out of yarn. Just let us know and we will happily send you more free of charge.

If you do follow our “Handle” instructions it will also help prolong the lifespan of the garment. So check out the “Handle” section and see how you should treat your fiber.

Lastly, as you probably know by now. We only have natural fiber, meaning there are no toxins involved in their creations. Nothing bad has ever happened to the fiber and it is naturally degradable. So ultimately when a garment has been worn to its last day then just put it in the right bin and it will be degradable without leaving a toxic impact in nature.



Our major concerns are that we are buying environmentally toxic things we don’t actually use, especially in fashion. Still, in today's society we do really, really need a bunch of clothes and for different occasions, season, countless purposes, styles and comfort and we if anyone also loves fashion. We can’t stop buying clothes, and we don’t want to make you stop either. Just to shop better. As we pointed out earlier if we can make the things we buy more long-lasting the need for more and more clothes would go down. The same would be if we could actually charge a little more for clothing but still be matching the non-sustainable brands. If so, we wouldn’t need to make as many garments but still pay wages. Our solution to sustainability is to find this fine line. We try to stay in a good price range while still paying everyone from herders to designer fair salaries. Hoping not ever to be needing to exaggerated quantities and hold flash sales to make ends meet.. The facts are very simple, everyone needs to get paid but the environment can’t handle massive quantities with toxic waste. Sales only encourage the fast fashion movement with bad impulse buying meant to push extra quantities for more revenues through slashed prices. It’s the opposite of slow fashion and its existent is completely unsustainable and devastating to the environment. It is a bad downwards spiral whit a spending habit the industry itself created to maximize revenue. We need to change this and stay out of it in order to change back consumer behavior and attitudes towards fashion. There are gratefully more and more brands seeking to stop the trend which might hopefully start changing the industry and ultimately consumer trends. For our part, we promise to always offer fair prices and eco- natural fibers so when you do like something you can buy it with a good conscience. If we put an end too fast fashion and the sales trends, we can both rapidly and effectively get our climate under control without people having to lose jobs and families suffer.

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Some people believe the only way to combat overconsumption is to produce fewer garments. And we agree, hence our long-lasting, natural fiber great design aspirations.

However, we still want people to buy clothes, not just because you need it and it makes you feel good but also if the textile industry collapse so does entire societies depended on manufacturing for income. One solution might be to charge more, making apparel overall more expensive - hence, people making fewer purchases. The problem is there will always be brands pushing cheaper and cheaper clothes. We alone can’t stop that and our collections with rare fibers are already expensive in those simply being so rare by nature.

We know our prices are already too expensive for many people and we don’t want to cut off people from making sustainable choices.. In order to keep fashion democratic and not exclude a large part of the population, we have chosen to keep prices low for these fibres yet keep a price range which will still enable us to pay our dues and not be part of pushing factories to slash salaries and produce more and more products for a lower margin.

Ascott Berg Cashmere
Ascott Berg Cashmere



By always offering great prices and quality we hope customers will take responsibility when given the same purchasing options and choose sustainable and eco-friendly. This is our way of doing what we can. When our company grows our choices will become even better and our impact will be more significant. Our promise to you is to stick to good prices, create great sustainable fashion designs, keep researching forever lasting quality and be easily accessible to you so the choice is always just a few clicks away. Without the masses, we can not make a change, and without a change, no one will have a future. So please put your money towards supporting sustainable companies and hopefully in the near future it will be the norm and not the abnormality. Ultimately you will be the one to make the impact but it is our responsibility to provide you with a great and easy option.