Bactrian Camel 


Animals living on the extreme

In Mongolia, the Bactrian camels share the Gobi desert alongside cashmere goats, yaks, horses, and nomadic people. These high endurance animals are often used by the nomads to transport utilities and sometimes even sick goats and cows.

Bactrian camels are incredibly adept at withstanding wide variations in temperature, ranging from freezing cold to blistering heat. They have a remarkable ability to go without water for months at a time, but when water is available they may drink up to 57 litres at once. When well fed, the humps are plump and erect, but as resources decline, the humps shrink and lean to the side. When moving faster than walking speed, the pace, by stepping forward with both legs on the same side (as opposed to trotting as horses). Camel speeds off up to 65 K, per hour (40 mph) have been recorded, but they rarely move this fast. Bactrian camels are also said to be good swimmers. The sense of sight is well developed and the sense of smell is extremely good. The lifespan of Bactrian camels is estimated at up to 50 years. They are truly remarkable animals and it, therefore, comes as no surprise that their fur is also considered to be one of the softest, rarest and finest in the world. This is due in part because the camel's hair (as soft as it might be) is more difficult to spin into quality yarn than their counter partners Yak and Camel. The fibers (hairs) are naturally much shorter which makes it more difficult to spin grade a yarn. Thus, it takes much more effort to single out the longest and most durable fibers for our yarn than for any other type of yarn. It is a lengthy process which only the most skilful of craftsmen can do. We only keep to the natural colours of the camel in our collection. It’s because there are no good ways of colouring camel hairs that is not toxic, yet. We are working on it and in the meantime, we hope you will like what the beautiful natural colours.

Thus we are incredibly proud to introduce our first camel yarn collection

Bactrian camel